Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rigamortis and Other Silly Names We Used to Call Our Teachers

We all had them - silly names for our teachers.  Usually these pet names were reserved for the teachers we really didn't like.  

We had a band teacher who barely moved, no expression on his face, and I don't think his lips moved if he ever did say a word.  We called him Rigamortis. I could not tell you what his real name was.  I have no clue!

Miss Demary was always doing really dumb stuff.  She was our jr. high science teacher.  She electrocuted some fish, got sprayed by the lab sinks, had the film wheel fly off the projector so a whole film was all over the classroom.  Every day was a calamity in her classroom.  She really was dumb, so we called her Miss Dummary.  Very fitting!

We had a study hall teacher in high school named Rose Dick.  Well you can imagine all the nice nicknames she got!

Our principal's name was Dino. Yes Dino!  So kids would bark like Dino from the Flintstones after he'd leave the classroom.  Maybe we were the dumb ones, cause that's really not very funny now.

The Spitter was the chorus teacher who literally spat on us ALL during class!

Sitting Bull.  Well SHE looked just like Sitting Bull!

The Phantom would weave in and out of classes unnoticed.  One moment he'd be there, and the next he'd be gone.  And you'd never know how he got there, let alone how he left.  It was very creepy. Imagine sitting at your desk and all of a sudden a teacher sitting right next to you that you never noticed sit down.

In college one of my professors clearly was always stoned.  She was Stonita!

Benny Hill was one of my college band directors.  Looked just like him.  No clue what his name is either.  We always called him Benny.  I wonder if he ever knew?  I wonder if any of them ever knew what we called them?  You think they did?

What are some of the names you all gave to your "favorite" teachers?

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Matt Harvath said...

As a former teacher, both in High School and College, I am sure I have been called most of these and many, many more!