Sunday, September 6, 2009

Awww... It's The End Of Summer

I don't know about you all, but we (my family) had probably the best summer we've had together (since the kids have arrived). Did we go on some fancy vacation? No. In fact I'm not so sure we even left town. I did go up to Saluda, SC two times. Who Hoo!! That's the happenin' place to be. Just kidding - it's in the middle of nowhere - and I mean nowhere - but it's very beautiful and peaceful.

So what made this summer so wonderful? Nothing! That's just it - we did nothing! We woke up when we wanted, we went to bed when we wanted (my good friends can attest to that), and we went to the pool whenever we wanted. Yes - we went to the pool whenever we wanted. Which is pretty much all we ever wanted to do. So everyday, when we got around to going, we'd pack up the pool bag (pool bag consists of 6 pair of goggles, sun screen, lots of snacks, water, small cooler, reading material for mom, mom's cell phone, mom's notebook, and pen). Then we'd head out to the pool. Most days we stayed ALL day or as long as we could.

My point here is this: I really think the reason we had such a wonderful summer is cause we weren't rushing around trying to do all sorts of stuff, we really enjoyed each other's company (my son and daughter really get along even better now - they actually hung out more together than in their little separate groups with their friends), and it was just laid-back and relaxing. Plus mom got to hang with her friends too. I plan to do the same thing next summer.

Oh! And the added bonus is this fabulous tan I have now, and I lost quite a few pounds with all that swimming too! (and yes that is our pool up above - during a swim meet)

So how was your summer?

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