Friday, August 29, 2008

You Know you're Getting Old When ...

... one of the people running for VP of the US is only one year older than you!

You know you're really getting old when one of the presidential candidates themselves are only two years older than you, and his wife is only one year older.

Ugh!! Next election I'm going to be an "old fogey".


Lidian said...

And you know you're REALLY getting old when you are two years older than a VP candidate!

And one of the presidential candidates is the same age as you. (And then you feel better that it isn't the 72 year old)

TheFLy said...

You know you are getting old when the Rep. VP nom is 20 years older and the Rep. President nomination is 48 years older. Ugh! What is happening to my youth?

Kristie said...

Your youth is going where ours have already gone!

Although I must say, I'm not all that old yet. My mom is 72 and has no clue that she is actually "old".