Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Whatever You Put Your Mind To, YOU Can Do It" - Michael Phelps


webduck said...

Watching Phelps is like watching a well-tuned machine. At the same time, he seems human (and loves his mom!) and humble. And, I was most happy too with Mark Spitz' and his genuine happiness that Phelps had surpassed him.

Kristie said...

Yes, that was interesting that Spitz was watching and hoping for Phelps to achieve passing him. I remember that Munich Olympics - watching it on a little black and white tv. I was such a dork. I made up my own joke (obviously I was a little girl at the time)
Why do they call him Mark Spitz?
Cause his name is Mark and he spits. Hm. I guess that wasn't very nice, huh.

Alison said...

LOL - I'm sure that was not a very original joke on the name of Mark Spitz. Isn't it funny the things we remember :-)