Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Get Your Yorkies Here!

I find the ads by google that show up on this site quite humorous. There for a while, after I posted about my husband's traffic ticket dilema there were ads to get your Georgia traffic ticket taken care of, to get your dmv record and other people's driving records, and for different attorneys services. Now, I see that since someone from YORK, Pennsylvania visited the blog - and since I had mentioned about dogs a couple times, there's an ad for you to get your own free Yorkie puppies!! I'm sure someone wants a Yorkie don't they! Now I have something else I can waste my time watching and reporting on.


TheFLy said...

I know, there are eyes everywhere and ....oooo a Yorkie! Sorry, I was distracted by the seemingly mind reading ad technology by Google, haha.

buzz buzz

Kristie said...

Mr Fly, I know you want one of those heal nippers! And they are free! You can't go wrong!

Alison said...

I must have ads blocked because I don't see anything about free yorkies. Boo hoo - I'd not have known I could get a free puppy if you'd not said! Oh well, my cats would not enjoy having a yorkie around. Cute pic by the way.