Monday, August 18, 2008

FYI - Beware of the Online IQ Test


I have a friend who took the online IQ test that pops up all over the web right now. As you all know, I hang out with the smart people, so of course she tested with an IQ of 172. She was so excited to find out her score so she put in whatever info it asked for. One of the line items wanted your cell phone #. She is now getting risque text messages on her cell phone. She is NOT a text messenger lady either.

Anyway, if you really want to know your IQ, go to Books-A-Million and buy the IQ test. And don't put your cell phone # onto any web survey inquiries.

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TheFLy said...

yeah, those online IQ tests are not the real deal. They dont test all your cognitive skills. Plus, if you want the whole test you need to pay for it anyway. The best way is to do what you said and go out and buy it otherwise its a scam. Gotta watch out for those.

Plus, with an IQ 172 she would have been smart of to know that, haha. That pretty high, I think thats like in 99.9999% percentile.