Friday, August 22, 2008

Don't Bother Calling Me On My Cell

As some of you may know, Lily, of Lily's Licorice, is my 10 month old puppy lab that I call "the horse". She never was a puppy, she was already a horse when she arrived. Although, you can clearly tell she is a puppy because she is chewing on anything she can get her mouth on!!

The kids have been good about making sure nothing is on the floor. Poor Em got to the point where she had NO shoes left. Yes, we did go out and buy her more. And then she ended up with no shoes again. She is down to one pair of K-Swiss that she protects as if they were gold.

So now that the kids know not to leave anything on the floor, the horse has decided she may as well take whatever is on the beds and the couches! Today she got three of Em's gymnastics ribbons. Good thing her medals are hanging up high where that horse better never get them!

So it's bad enough that the horse now gets stuff off the beds and couches -- today she has started taking things from the kitchen table!! I found my cell phone all chewed up in her mouth!! It has lines all through the screen, so I can't see anything on it anymore. It's rough as anything, and you have to hold it a certain way or the back will fall off. But IT STILL WORKS!! Amazing! It's a Nokia, in case you're wondering.


Lidian said...

That is so funny, reminds me of how our 2 cats used to play with any Barbies left on the floor and carry them around, and pop the heads off and chew on them, which was pretty weird to see them doing!

The Nokia people might be interested in this for an ad, you know!

Kristie said...

Poor Em has lost many a Barbies too, thanks to this silly dog we love so much. She got a special gymnastics Barbie set from one of her gym buddies. Needless to say, one of them now needs to compete in the para-olympics!

Alison said...

Argh! You must really love that pup to be able to laugh about her chewing.

What a great way to train the kids to pick up after themselves, now that they got the idea though, can The Horse be trained to chew bones, dog toys, and slippers? She's a smart pup, there's got to be something better for her to chew on than a phone. Ugh! Maybe she liked the beeps it makes when she chews the keys. LOL

Do let us know about the fun of training her.