Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Great Way to Bring Joy to the World

No, it's not Matthew McConaughey himself. Paleeeeze!

I'm not one to pay attention to the stars (movie stars), but I saw a headline today about Matthew McConaughey and his child's placenta. Curiosity got my goat. I thought maybe something bad may have happened to a new born child he must have had.

Turns out he kept the placenta of his newborn son that was born in July. Well nowadays they say that's a good thing - so you can store the cord blood in case your child ever develops a life threatening illness. But no! That's not why he saved the placenta.

According to CNN, McConaughey says the birth of his son will help bring joy to others in the world. How? By growing up to follow in his father's footsteps as the "sexiest man in the world"?
That would make more sense than what McConaughey claims the plecenta will do.

He is planting the placenta in an orchard so it will fertilize the fruit trees. Hm, and how is this going to bring joy to others in the world? It's going to fertilize the land and the trees will bear wonderful fruit. Ok, so how many people in the world are going to get to eat from this scrumptious orchard and why is this even newsworthy? And why am I even writing about this?

Something else I thought odd -- have you ever heard of "integrating your child"? McConaughey says "he has enjoyed integrating their new baby into the world." I guess that's the up and coming word for teaching your child about life.

Oh, and this poor less than one-month old has already been to a John Mellencamp concert. May as well go buy the hearing aids for this child now!