Thursday, September 24, 2015

Goodness! Look What Was Going On When Last the Chicago Cubs Won the World Series.

1908 Chicago Cubs
1908, the year the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series.  I'm 50 and my own grandparents weren't even born yet.  My great grandmother was only 20 years old in 1908.  I wonder what she would have to say about that day the Cubs last won.  Let's see what all was going on that fateful day. 

Interestingly, the 1908 World Series had the least attendance with only 6,210 watching.  That's a significant amount less than what we see today.  290,985 was the attendance of the 2014 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals.  There was also a ticket scalping scheme which caused many to boycott the 1908 World Series.  That's Chicago for you!

In 1908:

General Baden-Powell started the Boy Scouts.

Postage stamps came out in rolls.

First railway tunnel opened under the Hudson River.

Oklahoma joined the Union as the 46th state of the United States. We didn't even have all 50 states yet when last the Cubs won the World Series!

Mark Breith, the Mayor of Cincinnati, announced that "women are not physically fit to operate automobiles". Really?

The Murdock's were the first to travel by car across the United States.  It took them 32 days! And 5 hours and 25 minutes to get from Los Angeles to New York City traveling in their Packard.  It only takes 32 hours to drive from Chicago to Vancouver, Canada now.

London hosted the fourth modern Olympic games.

The first Mother's Day was celebrated.

First passenger air flight occurred.

General Motors was incorporated in Janesville, WI.

Elgar premiered his 1st Symphony in A.

First time numerals were used on football uniforms.

Crazy!  These last two are just mind boggling that they were occurring as the Cubs won their last World Series:

The Model T was introduced by Henry Ford! The Model T, for Pete's sake!

Albert Einstein presented his quantum theory of light. Yes, even Albert Einstein was alive when last the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Monday, September 7, 2015

I Long To Be At The Beach

I Long To Be At The Beach
I long to be at the beach,
Peaceful, tranquil, bright,
Waves at my reach,
Sun on my face.
I long to hear the seagulls,
See them dive,
Scoop their fish,
Hop on sand.
I long to search for seashells,
Walking, looking, picking,
Lettered Olives, Cockles, Welks,
Most are broken, but a few are gems.
Like the people on the beach,
They are broken,
They come,
To be a gem again.
~Kristie Glascock~

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Improve Your Chances of Winning a Trip to the Democtratic Debate - Give Hillary More Money

Through my Twitter feed came an invitation to enter to win tickets to the first Democratic debate in Las Vegas and a photo with Hillary Clinton.  This contest is being put on by Hillary for America and goes to the Hillary Clinton website. As my son is studying US government this year, I thought it would be a wonderful field trip for him to attend, so I entered.  It was simple. I like simple entries like these where you just have to submit your email and zip code.  

So I clicked enter, happy that I actually took the time to do it, and I get this:

"Thanks! Now Chip in to Improve Your Chances of Winning!"

I felt like Ralphie in A Christmas Story.  Cheated.  He felt cheated by Ovaltine, and I felt cheated by the Hillary Camp. I can understand that this is a way to raise campaign funds.  I'm sure it's intended purpose is to collect email addresses as well - which of course they succeeded because they have mine now! There is the disclaimer that you do not have to donate to win.  There are also two buttons to enter - one if you donated, the other if you didn't.  One still can't help but get the feeling that as usual in politics, those with more money are the ones who receive.  Donate money and you'll have better odds on winning.  It does say that right as you go through the entry process.

Something didn't seem right about that, because after all didn't Publisher's Clearing House get in trouble for that?  They got in trouble for leading people to believe that their chances of winning increased if they made a purchase. And don't they have to have the disclaimer that purchasing doesn't increase your odds of winning now?  

After checking out the Official Rules of Hillary's debate trip contest, it gets even better.  Rule 7 states that donating does NOT increase your chances - "Entering via the contribution method will not increase your chances of winning."  So which is it? The entry form says donating increases your chances of winning, the rules say it doesn't.  This is very misleading as most people don't read the rules.  In fact it's quite deceptive as it claims right where you donate that donations increase your odds. We clearly can add this to the list of the many lies and misconceptions associated with Hillary Clinton.

On the Official Rules page there is also a disclaimer of how they will check out your background before they offer you the tickets if you are the chosen winner.  100 people who have entered will initially be chosen.  Of those only one will make the cut.  Yes, background checks are very important.  I totally agree with that. We certainly don't want a nut job to win, and Hillary's safety is of the utmost importance.  However, if you pass the background check you will have to fill out a questionnaire of, according to the rules, all your "views, backgrounds and interests". Pass the questionnaire and you may be selected.  Who are they looking for with this questionnaire?  Are they looking for an already professed Democrat?  A Democrat backing Sanders?  A Trump supporter?  Any Republican backing any of the other 16 republican candidates?  How about a Libertarian? A Communist?  Muslim? Jew?  Who exactly are they looking for to give these tickets to? I'm a white, Independent, home school mom who happens to live in Hillary's old zip code.  I don't see myself making the cut.  Do you see yourself making the cut?

If you'd like to enter for your chance to meet Hillary at the debate and see if you make the cut Enter at Your Own Risk Here . Go ahead and donate if you so choose.  I honestly cannot tell you whether it will increase your chances of winning or not.

*And now I have received, not one, but two emails from Hillary for America.  The subject line states "now enter again for your chance to go to the debate!"

Open the email and it clearly states that you must donate in order to get the extra chance of winning. 

"Hey there -- 
Congrats! You’re officially entered for a chance to fly to Las Vegas to meet Hillary at the first Democratic debate.
If you want to get your name in the hat again, chip in to be automatically entered:"

Remember, the Official Rules clearly state that donating does NOT increase your odds of winning.

So which is it Hillary?  Are your odds increased by donating or not?  You have a discrepancy on your Debate Trip contest.  Which, of course, discrepancies from Hillary Clinton are nothing new. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Top 5 News Stories from the Week of August 31, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015 - President Obama announces that he will change the name of the United States' highest peak, Mt. McKinley, to Denali.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - Police officer, Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, is shot in Fox Lake, IL increasing the number of police officers who have been killed in recent weeks.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - Kim Davis, Clerk for Rowan County, KY, is arrested for not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015 - Donald Trump pledges not to run as an independent and support the Republican nominee for President if he does not win the nomination.

Friday, September 4, 2015 - Funeral is held today for Sherriff's Deputy Darren Goforth who was gunned down and ambushed while pumping gas.

Sanders FREE College Plan is Getting Noticed By America's Youth

I walked into my teenage son's room today. He was watching a Trump video.  I was quite impressed. This will be the first presidential election he can vote in,  and he is paying attention to the political candidates.  I asked him  what he thought of Trump.  He said "If it ends up between Hillary and Trump I'm not voting. If it ends up anyone and Sanders I'll vote for Sanders solely because I am neutral with him - don't like him but don't dislike him.  He's the only one I feel that way about." 
So I asked him what it was about Sanders that made him ok.  He said "He wants everyone to be able to go to college. He wants to tax the stock market and those greedy CEOs that make millions and make them pay for everyone's college."  So that is one teenager's take on Sanders. I'm sure it's many teenagers' takes on Sanders. They are excited because he is going to have college paid for them.  Little do they know, if Sanders pulls this off, they will probably have already graduated from college having paid every penny for it. I decided I needed to see how exactly Sanders thought he was going to pull this off. After all, my son has a younger sister who could quite possibly be part of the first "tuition-free" generation.
My son had mentioned that Sanders wanted to tax Wall Street. He was right! In Sanders words "When I talk about making public colleges and universities tuition-free, the way we pay for that particular important program, and the way we reduce substantially interest rates on student debt, is through a tax on Wall Street's speculation." How on earth do you tax speculation?  It is done in other countries so it must be a feasible way of taxation.  And for those not familiar with how Wall Street works here is Sander's quote from an interview he did with CNN host Wolf Blitzer explaining how this new tax would be implemented.
"The Democratic candidate noted that people were “becoming phenomenally wealthy” by speculating on derivatives “and every other type of esoteric instrument that they can.”
“What we’re going to impose is what exists in dozens of countries around the world, a very modest tax on the transference of large amounts of stock,” Sanders said.
“Is that going to pay for tuition?” Blitzer asked, trying to wrap his head around the plan.
“More than that,” Sanders replied. “This is a very effective and progressive way to raise money. The estimate is, it could bring in as much as $300 billion a year.” - quoted from
It is interesting to see what each new generation finds in common with a presidential candidate.  The youth loved when Bill Clinton was the first to appear on David Letterman. He even played his saxophone on David Letterman, which helped him connect with the young voters.  In 2008, according to the Pew Report, the youth wanted an expanded government that helped solve more problems.  It looks like that is what the youth will get if they vote for Sanders in 2016.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

One More Thing Obama is Going to Do Without Authority - Change the Name of Mount McKinley

Mount McKinley
In another effort to whitewash the United States of its heritage and icons US citizens hold dear, Obama will announce his plan to rename Mt McKinley, America's highest peak. According to The Hill, "The White House’s announcement did not specify how Obama and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will assert authority to change the mountain’s name without approval from Congress."  This is par for the course (no pun intended), rather than to make his conquests through proper channels, Obama will circumvent Congress once again.  And once again Congress will let him do it.
Mt McKinley is a 20,237 foot peak in the Denali National Forest. It is also the third highest summit in the world.  Nearby natives have referred to the peak as Denali for many years and the name is used across the state of Alaska.  William Dickey named it Mt. McKinley in 1896.  Dickey was part of the gold rush and William McKinley was then a presidential nominee who supported the gold standard.  Hence his reasoning for naming it after McKinley who went on to become President of the United States.  The natives call it Denali which means The Great One to them.
For 119 years we have all (well almost all) called the peak Mt McKinley.  For 119 years signs have been made with that name on it, books and maps published, textbooks notated.  I know that was the name we learned it to be back when I was in school.  So now all this will have to be changed with no act of Congress.  Has anybody even thought how much this change is going to cost?  And who is going to foot the cost?  Oh yes, it will be the US taxpayer.  The ones who have called this Mt McKinley for 119 years and still will.  It's going to be just like the Sear's Tower.  Does anyone call it by any other name (even though it's supposed to be called the Willis Tower)?

Top 16 Trump Political Cartoons

The press is alive with Donald Trump jokes and cartoons.  Whether you back the guy's run for the presidency or not, you have to admit these are funny!  One thing I do notice is that 95% are derogatory against Trump.  It will be interesting to see if this changes to a more positive portrayal of him or not.

Will be interesting also to see if the Editorial Cartoonists get their dream of a Trump Biden race in 2016.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Why the June Bride Carried a Bouquet of Flowers

When I got married I made just we did not have a June wedding.  I didn't want to be the "typical" June bride.  After researching the history of June brides I sure am glad I chose to get married in August.

In the 1500's most people took their annual bath in May.  In June they still smelled pretty good. Of course they did! They only had one month of dirt on them rather than 12 full months of slime.  Since they only had this one month of dirt on them by June people got married because they really weren't smelling so bad yet. 

What I don't understand is why didn't they have their weddings in May when people still smelled half way decent?  Although had they done that we wouldn't have the tradition of brides carrying a bouquet of flowers to mask their horrid body odor!


Monday, August 10, 2015

The Chipmunks have Escaped!

Are there no chipmunks in Florida?  My silly hubby is from Florida, and apparently he has NEVER seen a chipmunk before.  Well, that is before today! 

While at Brookfield Zoo he started exclaiming that a bunch of small animals had gotten let loose.  Luckily while on his way to find a zoo worker to inform them of said escapees, I noticed what these little varmints were that he was so worried about.  CHIPMUNKS!  They roam freely here in Illinois, just like squirrels and rabbits do.